Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prediction: Version market share of Dynamics Ax 2012 will not reach 40% before 2013.

Yes it is true: I've used my crystal ball and took a look at the future. Even though it was a bit cloudy (more clouds packing together year after year), it was pretty clear to see.
So here's my prediction: Ax version market share for Dynamics Ax 2012 will not reach 40% before January 1st 2013.

Why do I say that?  Beacuse it makes senses.

I've done two small surveys in the recent past (thank you blog readers, for giving feedback!).  In one of them I asked quit a straightforward questionWill you be upgrading to Ax 2012 the moment it is released?

The results:

Now have a look at a small survey I did a while back around current market share for Ax versions.  It showed that 35% did not yet upgrade to Ax 2009.  If we take into account that of the 65% using Ax 2009 there are a lot of new customers, it means that around half or more of "old" Ax customers never did perform the upgrade.

Sure, the new version has lots of new features.  A lot of improvements.  And comes with new tools to upgrade.
But let's face it: The product also just got a bit more complex.  Again. 

Upgrading to Ax 2012 is not something you do overnight.  It's gonna be a project on its own.  Requiring resources from both IT and the business.  It's gonna take time.  And time is money.  Ax customers willing to upgrade gonna have to convince higher management it's a good investment.  Put it down in black and white.

Some topics to consider:  (but there are many!)

You can still use your old Morphx reports (Ax 2012 still supports it), but SSRS is the way to go.  You could ignore Reporting Services with Ax 2009, but that's no longer the case with Ax 2012.  So if you are not already an SSRS master, it's time to upgrade your skills.

We have to go back a couple of major versions in order to see such big changes as to what security concerns.
And it looks like this is still not the final setup, as in the next version after Ax 2012 RLS will no longer be supported (confirmation Microsoft?).

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