Monday, February 7, 2011

Will you be upgrading to Dynamics Ax 2012 immediately?

Last post learned us that a big part of the Ax community is still not on the most recent release of Ax, despite its availability for 2,5 years now.  Ax has lots of stuff to help you upgrading (code compare tools, upgrade scripts, a 100+ page manual, ...), Microsoft allows you to even skip major versions in between upgrading.  But even then, a lot of people didn't make the jump. 

With the new release in sight, will they be left behind?  Are there enough reasons now to pull them over the line?  Can the costs be accounted for?  Does it generate only a positive impact for business and IT?
Face it, even with all the tools to help you during the actual upgrade, it still remains a meticulous piece of work, testing your endurance.  A project comparable with that of an original implementation (redesign yes/no?).  Every business has to do it's homework and list up the pro's and con's.

And what about you?  Will you go for the instant upgrade?  Can't wait to get your hands on all the new stuff?
Or are you waiting for market feedback, people that share their upgrade experiences regarding Ax?  Or do you believe that SP1 is soon to follow, providing more stability and improved functionality? 

Take the poll on the right!  Let us know!

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