Sunday, February 6, 2011

What version of Dynamics Ax are you using?

The next version of Ax has a name: Dynamics Ax 2012. No official release date yet, but it will be available Q3 of 2011.

(So the version numbering is consistent with Microsofts policy on this.)

With all the news about this release, I tought it would be fun to see what versions are being used out there. Did users already manage the upgrade to 2009, the most recent release to date?

So I had this little poll up on my blog. Nothing fancy, just a simple question: Which version of Ax are you on?

Now the number of participants in the poll is way too low to make any real conclusions, but it sure gives a nice idea.
Here are the numbers:

As you can see from the graph, approx. 65% is using the currently latest release of Ax, version 2009.

And consequently 35% is still working on an older version of Ax. Actually, this means that more then 35% never upgraded, even 2,5 years after general availability of Ax 2009. I say more, because in the 65% mentioned using Ax 2009 also new customers are included, customers who bought and started out with version 2009.

This gives Microsoft food for thought. And they did think about it, seeing already all the information about the upgrade enhancements in the new release. It means developers our there have access to new tools to help them out for the upgrade process. But with all the technology enhancements in general out there, it also means there is more to upgrade, more options to consider. (What about things like reports, BI modifications, ...)

You could skip one major version upgrading from 3.0 to 2009, so without installing 4.0. At the time, Microsoft punctuated that would be a one time offer. But hearing the news about Ax 2012, again you have the option to skip one major release, this being 2012. That sure is good news for 35% of the Ax people out there...

Next up: A new poll for Dynamics Ax 2012!