Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will Dynamics Ax 2012 support Windows XP?

The Technical Conference 2011 has ended. The dust has finally settled down. Session content has been tweeted. Details probably have reached a blog near you.

I did my fair part of reading, going through tons of information regarding the new release of Microsofts ERP flagship.
What seemed only a minor detail I found particularly striking:

  • Windows XP is no longer supported by the rich client. (Source: Casper Kamal)

Now I'm a frequent reader of his blog, which has excellent content btw. This statement about Dynamics Ax 2012 surprised me. I could not yet get it confirmed by other sources though.

Why I found this surprising?

First of all, Windows XP is still market leader, looking at usage. What about this little statistic, depicting current usage shares of operating systems?

Businesses around the world never liked Vista, kept their money in their pockets and waited for Windows 7. Windows 7 was most definitely a better release than Vista, but when it finally was available, people were so used to their old system it was and still is very hard to let go.
Earlier on, Microsoft even extended support for Windows XP up until 2014. Now is this issue delaying the introduction of Ax 2012, or speeding up replacement of Windows XP?

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