Friday, January 7, 2011

How to quickly create a project with all objects of a specific layer


  • When investigating code in Ax, it may be useful to get a quick overview of all the code in a specific layer.

  • When you intend to move code from one layer to another, you may need a list of objects in a specific layer.
Follow these steps in order to get a solution for both challenges with ease:

Step 1: Create a new project.

You can rename your project as desired, we'll call it Project_USR_Layer for now. Then open the newly created project.

Step 2: Choose Advanced Filter/Sort from the toolbar.

If you are into keyboard short-cuts, you can use Ctrl-F3 for this as well.
A new dialog pops up.

I like my objects grouped in the project as they are grouped in the AOT, so I've chosen Groupings - AOT.

Step 3: Select the required objects.

Use the Select button on the dialog to select the objects you require for your project.
We wanna select all AOT objects from a specific layer, so we'll use the UtilLevel field in the selection criteria.

From the screenshot you can see that all objects from the USR layer are selected. If desired, you can limit the type of AOT objects for your project as well, by using the recordType field.

Confirm twice and the objects are added to your project. This may take some time, so be patient :-)

Similar challenge:

You can use the same method for selecting AOT objects modified/created by a specific programmer. Just set different selecting criteria in your query.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    You are welcome!

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  2. Hi, i have requirement as below.please help me to resolve this.

    I want to filter a table in dialog at run time.Basically i need to provide all table fields as filter criteria. Should i add all the fields in dialog manually or is there any other option for this??

  3. Hi,

    Here is my requirement, please help me.

    i want to create a project based on the property value of the elements in the AOT.

    Ex: AOT\Enum\ABC - (one of the property) text = xyz
    Now i want to group the objects which are having "XYZ"