Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nice was nice

The last slide of the last PowerPoint presentation has been shown.  The banners can be stored for a future event.
The Dynamics Ax Technical Conference 2011  has come to an end.  Lots of things learnt, exciting stuff happening, a lot to share.  Expect some bits and pieces over the next few days over on this blog. (and lots of other blogs I imagine)

Very trivial, but one of my observations to start with:

If you attend a presentation and you don't take pictures with your mobile device (be it a phone, iPad, slate, ...) of the slides shown, you belong to a minority.  Now there's some food for thought that in 2011, we have this crazy mix of digital and analog information storing.  And what a contrast with the cool video at the end of Hal Howard's keynote on day 1, showing a possible future.  Seems such a long way to go then.

Edit: Even mfp does it!

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