Monday, November 21, 2011

myAx - a mini version of Dynamics Ax

At the end of keynote 3 at the Dynamics Ax Technical Conference 2011 in Nice, some time was reserved for Q & A.
Interesting question popped up:

Q  Is there a mini Ax version planned, for smaller companies?

I consider this question very relevant.
With each major release of Dynamics Ax, we see an increase in functionality, an increase in complexity.  Despite all the effort that goes into simplifying things: Simplifying both everyday working for users as well as implementing the solution for partners.
When more functionality is introduced, you basically introduce more possibilities. But that comes with a price.
And yes, we have RapidStart Services now.  But that's no magic wand.
You can clearly see that Microsoft positions Ax higher and higher in the market, aiming for more customers with +1000 users.  Maybe in a 2-tier setup, but if Ax is the core ERP system of the customer company that's even better.

Kees Hertogh, Director Product Management, took it upon him to answer the question and he did that very clearly.

A  No, there is no mini Ax version planned.

Don't expect anything like that either. 
"And yes, we know there exists something like mySAP, but that's not really for small companies."
His advice was equally clear:
"If you fear Ax is a too big of a bet for your company, you should consider Dynamics NAV instead."

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. very refreshing and fun, also pretty informative.