Friday, May 14, 2010

How to let the user browse for a folder

When it comes to programming in Ax, I have to confess I'm lazy.
I reuse existing code as much as possible. I will store portions of code in static methods in a global class, so I can reuse them as the need arises.
Basically, I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel. When something has been done and it has been done good, why try duplicating it?

That's why I would like to draw your attention to some lesser known code in Ax, the browseforFolderDialog method from the WinAPI class. It's easy, flexible and powerful. (That's what I look for in good quality code.)
The code will provide the user the opportunity to supply a folder name from the file system, a common request in software.


client public static str browseForFolderDialog(
[str _description,
str _selectedPath,
boolean _showNewFolderButton])

So you can give a description to your dialog. Set a default path. And give the user the possibility to create a new folder.


str filelocation;

Of course, you can validate the user input (did the user press cancel?) with


This one line of code sure beats writing your custom dialog or a complete form with the necessary controls.

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