Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to set the language used on forms and menus

Ax is available in many languages (approx 45 I believe). It comes in Spanish, English, Polish, German, Arabic, ... thereby underlining it's global presence.

In reports, you can use any supported language, weather you bought a license key for it or not.

This policy makes senses, as your company, your customers or vendors may not speak the same language. When you exchange documents (for example an order), you need to understand its contents.

I had a post about how to change the language in a report a while back.

Another thing is the user interface, the client you do your every day work in. You can set the language used in forms and menus with the user options. You can find them under Administration - Users - User Options.

In this setting, you are limited to the languages you bought a license for.

Now you can set the language used in the user interface by code as well. And strangely enough, this way you are not limited to the set of licensed languages (this applies to MS Dynamics Ax 2009 SP1).

You can set the language like this


Play around with it and see what's available!

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