Thursday, September 10, 2009

xPropertySetData::unpack : Property not found : 1024

We recently came across a very annoying error message:

xPropertySetData::unpack : Property not found : 1024

This happened after an upgrade process. When a user started a specific report and wanted to set a query, the client crashed (Ax32.exe - Fatal Application Exit).
This was only happening to specific users, and with the queries of specific reports. The report itself could be run by the user, as long as the user didn't try to modify the query.
We immediately thought of the last used value, but clearing these for the users didn't help. Clearing the cache: didn't help. Stopping and restarting the AOS (even with deleting the index file): didn't help. Recompile: Nope.
So we investigated this issue a bit further. We found out that the client crashed when executing code in class SysQueryForm, method QueryUnpack.
When trying to create a new query object with old saved data, the client crashed. (new Query(queryPack_V25))
So an easy workaround for us was not to use those old saved queries, just use those of the current version. (replace if (queryPack_V25) with if(false)).

Version: Ax 2009 SP1.
(and as always, use at own risk!)

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