Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slowly leaving X++, going .NET


Everyone knows that, since the acquisition of Navision in 2002, Microsoft has pushed its technology set further and further into the ERP system. They are still working on the 'Project Green' and one single common code base for all the ERP systems.

Now altough Damgaard (the original Axapta founders) has always been very oriented towards Microsoft technology (they did provide an Oracle database option for Axapta, but few have chosen that path), you can do always more. The road ahead is clear, if you see at where Ax is going with the Business Intelligence solutions, all neatly aligned with Microsoft standards.

Talk that the end of X++ (the development language of Ax) is near has been going on for years now. And now the end seems a bit closer again.

Have a look at this video over at Channel 9, talking about X++ and MSIL (MSIL stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language).
So basically, moving closer to .NET again.

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