Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Task Recorder, your friend in tutorial need

Yes, Ax comes with a manual. And yes, they have become better over the years. But then and now, there always was the need to create custom help documents for users.

Standard Ax now comes with a real friend in need: The Task Recorder.

What it does? Record all your actions in Ax, creating screen shots included.

How it works? Easy.

Open the Task Recorder form. You can find it under the Tools menu, Extra option.

Press the red button on the left to start recording. (pretty old skool huh?)

Then just perform the tasks you want to cover in your instruction set. For example go to the AR module, open the customers form and create a new customer. Perform the necessary steps to create a new customer account.

When you're done, press the second icon from the left on the Task Recorder to stop recording. That's all folks.

Now when you want to create a nice document explaining the process of creating a new customer, you use the icon on the right in the Task Recorder. You get an overview of all recorded tasks. Use the button Generate document to let Axapta generate a complete Word document, containing screenshots, navigation instructions, headers and so on. Yes, it's that easy and that fast!

This nifty little tool was previously only available for partners through Partnersource, but in Ax 2009 SP1, it is generally available in standard Axapta.

So, what are you waiting for? Go create those tutorials.



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  1. when generating document why does it opens a blank page in Word.

    Any suggestions