Saturday, May 16, 2009

AOS instance name not displayed correctly

You might think that with Axapta, just like in real life, the same rules count: Don't believe it until you've seen it with your own eyes. But even then, it is not always true.
Look at following scenario:
You have 2 AOS instances on 1 server.
AOS1 - Port 1 - Server 1
AOS2 - Port 2 - Server 1

Now you setup your client configuration.

But you get distracted and enter some wrong info in the optional fields.

In the Instance name field, you set AOS1. But in the optional Port field, you enter the port number for AOS2, so Port2.

You start your client, check the AOS instance in the status bar at the bottom right and...

What you see is not the truth. The status bar reads 'AOS1', but in reality, the optional port number has been used and you are connected to AOS2. Pretty misleading, not?

But do not believe me, do not believe Axapta, check for yourself.


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