Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Microsoft opening up the vault of KB articles

Up until now, access to Knowledge Base articles for Dynamics Ax was limited to people with access to either CustomerSource or PartnerSource.  This also means access to people with a valid Service Plan for Ax.
Microsoft decided a while ago to align it's policy regarding KB's for Dynamics Ax with other MS products.  This means that all KB articles are now publicly available, no restraints.  Which of course makes it a lot easier to reference them in communication between partners and customers, on internet fora etc.  And it makes them accessible to search engines as well, helping to spread the information.

You can search for any KB over here:

Microsoft Support

or with this more specific link for Ax:

Dynamics Ax Solution Center

30.000+ articles are already available.  And new KB's will be created with a public profile.

1 comment:

  1. Good news!
    Now we just wait for them to become indexed by the great search engines out there (like Bing). It has been troublesome to search KB articles using the search engine on partnersource, at least in my opinion.