Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is happening with Axapta?

Take a look at the following graph:

Now I ask you, what’s happening with Axapta?

Axapta was the name used when Damgaard, a Danish company, released it’s brand new ERP solution on the end of the nineties. Later on Damgaard merged with Navision, before it got acquired by Microsoft in 2002. In an effort to align its business software, Microsoft rebranded its ERP portfolio. Axapta was renamed to Dynamics Ax.

But even though the name now is officially Dynamics Ax, the name Axapta is still widely used.

The graph above is from Google Insights, a Google site that gives you – well – insights in search data. For example trends in searches on the web, geographical differences etc.

From the graph above we see that the name ‘Axapta’, even years after it has been replaced as the name for the ERP software, is not dead yet, but still actively used by people all over the world. Usage slowly fading.

And what about the name Dynamics Ax you may say. It already seemed to have reach its peak, but holding position now.

A hint for the marketing guys over at Microsoft?

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