Thursday, April 16, 2009

Client crashes with import

After an upgrade to Ax 2009 (no SP or SP1), when you try to import something in the AOT, the client crashes. The crash happens before you get the dialog screen.
The event log shows a general message 'Faulting application Ax32.exe'.

Problem may be with a custom label file.

Workaround: Edit AOT, Class SysLabel, method findModules.
Set following line in comment:

label = new Label();
// label.searchFirst('');
labelModuleId = label.getFirstLabelFile();

Real solution: Let Axapta recreate the index files for the labels. For this, stop the AOS, delete the *.ALC and *.ALI label files and restart the AOS. (The *.ALD files hold the actual label information.)

Good luck,